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The Way Hypothyroidism is Diagnosed and Treated Doesn't Make Sense!

If you've wondered why the majority of women with hypothyroidism don't feel well, you're not alone. Millions of hypothyroid patients – and their healthcare practitioners – are at the mercy of diagnosis and treatment guidelines that, in my opinion, make absolutely no sense! I know that those of you who are patients dutifully take your daily medication and get your blood tests, but you're still suffering with a long list of unresolved symptoms. And of course, you feel increasingly frustrated and hopeless, because your treatment is simply not helping you feel well. You have no idea what to do next to get well and stay well! 

As for my fellow doctors, I'm sorry to say that many of you also have no idea what to do! It's been drilled into you since medical school that the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) test is your one-and-only tool to diagnose hypothyroidism. And levothyroxine – the synthetic form of the thyroxine (T4) thyroid hormone – is the one-and-only treatment for hypothyroidism. And of course, thyroid treatment is "successful" when your patient has a so-called "normal" TSH level, right? You've been taught that it's all about the numbers...not how your patients feel, or whether they're protected from the many health conditions – like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infertility, and depression among others – that result from impaired metabolic function. Even if your patient is still clearly exhausted, gaining weight, depressed, and brain-fogged, as long as the TSH is "normal," there's nothing more you can do for their thyroid health. You end up prescribing antidepressants and cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, recommending diet and exercise plans, and sending patients off to psychiatrists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, neurologists...and, well, you get the idea.  

I'm excited to tell you that there's another way. An effective, patient-focused way to diagnose and treat hypothyroidism. And it can be a game-changer for patients and practitioners!  I'm so passionate about spreading the word that I've written a book – Patient-Focused Hypothyroidism Treatment: A Guide for Patients and Practitioners!

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Hypothyroidism treatment should focus on getting patients well...not their lab values!

I can tell you about Patient-Focused Hypothyroidism Treatment, but why not give you an opportunity to sample the book yourself. I've included the Table of Contents, Introduction, Resources List, and detailed Citations from the book, to give you a better sense of the topics covered in the book. 


What's in the Book?

Are you the kind of person who always skims the Table of Contents of a book before you decide if it's for you? Good news. I've included the complete Table of Contents here, so at a glance, you'll be able to see the many topics covered in Patient-Focused Hypothyroidism Treatment! 

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A Free Preview!

To give you a feel for my approach, I've included the Introduction to Patient-Focused Hypothyroidism Treatment. You'll get better idea of my goals in writing the book, and why I'm so determined to help thyroid patients and practitioners break out from under the "tyranny of the TSH" and achieve true metabolic wellness and health!

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Go Further

To make it easy for readers, I've included the Resources appendix and Citations from the book. This gives you easy online access and clickable links to all the books, services, and experts I've recommended in the book, as well as the original journal research that supports my findings. 

Patient-Focused Hypothyroidism Treatment covers my comprehensive and innovative hypothyroidism diagnosis process and treatment approach that I developed in my medical practice. During my decades as a board-certified gynecologist, I successfully diagnosed and treated thousands of women with hypothyroidism. Along the way, I was able to fine-tune and tailor the all-important and often complicated diagnostic process, incorporating the wisdom and guidance of true diagnosticians like Dr. William Osler, and groundbreaking thyroid experts like Dr. Broda Barnes. At the same time, working with so many patients provided the opportunity to refine and perfect a unique hypothyroidism treatment protocol that focuses not on achieving "normal" TSH levels, but instead, on safely restoring patients to optimal metabolism and relieving their hypothyroidism symptoms.

Patient-Focused Hypothyroidism Treatment serves as a guide for both hypothyroid patients and the practitioners who care for them.

The book that will change the way you view hypothyroidism treatment!

Warm Up on the Beach

Good medicine is an art, not just science.

If you're a woman with hypothyroidism, Patient-Focused Hypothyroidism Treatment will provide you with a roadmap to treatment. You'll learn about the overt and subtle signs of hypothyroidism, how hypothyroidism should be diagnosed -- and why the current guidelines and dogmatic treatment approaches are likely to leave you misdiagnosed and symptomatic. If you're a practitioner, you'll learn about the overt and subtle signs that a patient is hypothyroid, the clinical signs to look for, and the questions to ask when conducting a patient history. You'll also get a complete breakdown of how to safely and successfully dose thyroid hormone replacement to restore healthy metabolism in your patients, relieve their symptoms, and help them resolve or prevent related health complications.

Learn from the past.
Live for the future.


I invite you to read my book. Patient-Focused Hypothyroidism Treatment, available as a print paperback and eBook. It could change your life, or the life and health of your patients! 




Expert  Recommendations

“Dr. Donna Hurlock has done an exceedingly masterful job translating the complexity of science into the art of medicine.  Patient-Focused Hypothyroidism Treatment provides answers to the pervasive questions: ‘Why don’t I feel well?’ and ‘Why do I feel so tired?” Patients and their practitioners alike will benefit from this thoughtful work and approach.”

– Joseph Lamb, MD
Medical Director and Co-Owner, Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Center

Patient-Focused Hypothyroidism Treatment is a long-overdue and necessary return to common sense in hypothyroidism diagnosis and treatment. Women with hypothyroidism can feel well again, thanks to the valuable guidance and breakthroughs Dr. Hurlock shares in this practical, life-changing guide.” 

~ Mary Shomon
Thyroid Patient Advocate, and New York Times Bestselling Author of Thyroid Diet Revolution

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